Stretching… What’s all the fuss about? 🤔

Posted 24 Dec 2021

We’ve all heard phrases such as “You should stretch every day!” many times before! But is there actually any benefit to it? Can we get away with just stretching as soon as we feel a certain area tighten up? The answers to these questions can vary between each individual, however there are many benefits to a consistent stretching routine that are very hard to ignore.

Physically, stretching has many benefits such as:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Increased blood and nutrient supply around the body
  • Assistance in correct posture
  • Injury prevention.

There are mental benefits of stretching as well, including:

  • Decreased stress levels
  • Increased positivity through increased blood flow
  • Calming and mindfulness effect on the whole body (especially during yoga, for example).

While it is beneficial to stretch before and after exercise, 20 minutes of stretching per day can really enhance the physical and mental benefits listed above. As for the specific stretches incorporated into your routine, this will depend on your specific areas of pain and tension, as well as taking into consideration any biomechanical issues or chronic injuries you may have. Some of our favourites at S.P.I.N. Health & Fitness are for improving general postural issues – Hip Flexors, Pecs (door frame), Thoracic Rotations (side-lie), Glutes and Lev Scap (nose to armpit).

As for ‘only stretching when you feel tightness/pain’, there is a high chance that you already have some compensation elsewhere in the body once you get to the point of tightness and/or pain. It’s more beneficial for you to be pro-active rather than reactive when it comes to stretching and mobility, to decrease the chance of compensation and secondary injuries.

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Blog by Teagan Parker.