The team at S.P.I.N. are very excited to be launching our new Pilates program.

Thank you for your expression of interest, we hope that it’s a program that can enable you to achieve your goals. Should you have any further questions after reading through the following information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Pilates & how can it help you?
First developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, Pilates was designed to enable athletes to maintain their fitness and return from injury safely. Since then, Pilates has been adapted to suit everyone!
Pilates aims to enhance core stability, joint flexibility and range of movement as well as improve muscle endurance. Perfect for injury recovery and prevention, Pilates activates underused muscles and gives you an edge in your athletic performance, as well as everyday activities.

The benefits of Pilates are lengthy, but here are a couple our favourites!

  • Enhance your core, abdominal, pelvic, back and glute strength as well as endurance! 💪
  • Improve posture 🤩
  • Assist in avoiding injury and flare ups 🙅‍♀️
  • Aid in recovery from surgery, birth, and injury 🤱
  • Aid balance and stability 🙌

Our classes – Clinical vs Exercise & our difference
Each class will run for a duration of 45 minutes and will consist of Reformer based exercise, as well as some mat-based exercise when and if required. Classes will consist of a maximum of 5 participants, ensuring that you get an exceptional level of attention from your instructor throughout your class. We feel strongly about having small group classes, ensuring good form is maintained throughout, reducing the risk of injuries, and increasing overall benefits to each participant. With our classes more personalised, we can ensure “quality over quantity” for each and every person that enters our Pilates space.

At S.P.I.N. Health & Fitness, we are thrilled to be able to offer both Clinical and Exercise classes, not something most Pilates studios are able to offer. But what is the difference? Let us tell you!

Clinical (will be known as Group Physiotherapy)
Clinical classes are run by a physiotherapist and are best suited to those with any chronic injuries or predisposed conditions needing a specific assessment and program. Your program is 100% unique to you with all exercises tailored to you and your specific injury/s, needs and goals.  

These classes are claimable through your health insurance extras, should you have appropriate cover.

Clinical classes will be referred to as Group Physiotherapy due to the private health insurance reforms which occurred in 2019. These reforms removed the ability for Pilates to be claimed on health insurance extras, however physiotherapy run rehabilitation exercise is still permitted.

Exercise Pilates
Exercise classes are run by a qualified fitness professional. These classes are beneficial for those wanting the overall benefits of Pilates. Although the program isn’t fully tailored to you, being smaller classes, our instructor can tailor your program on the day should you have a niggle or any soreness!

Please note: these classes are not claimable through Private Health Insurance.

** Please note, the use of grippy socks is a requirement to participate in all classes **

We plan to launch the program from Monday 8th April. However, this is subject to interest and the ability to perform all clinical assessments prior to the clinical classes beginning.
Class times will be as follows.

Clinical Pilates
Friday – 6:45am & 7:45am

Exercise Pilates
Monday – 5:30pm & 6:30pm
Saturday – 8:30am & 9:30am


Casual Class – $40
5 Pack – $165 ($33/class)
10 Pack – $300 ($30/class)

Casual Class – $60
5 Pack – $280 ($56/class)
10 Pack – $520 ($52/class)

Should you wish to secure your spot in one of the classes, please email with your name and your preferred class time. Class allocation will be on a first in basis, so be sure to let us know ASAP! We can’t wait to have you join us 😁

We apologise for the delay in getting this information to you. Our newest team member, Albie, joined us sooner than we anticipated!