Gaining weight on the scales, despite regular training? 😔

Posted 21 Nov 2022

As a Personal Trainer, I come across a lot of people and clients who value one thing about their health more than anything else – the number they see on their bathroom scales. One of the hardest things about health and fitness is getting into a healthy routine… so how frustrating if you’ve done all the hard work to get into this routine, but you are not seeing that number go down on the scales? There are other factors that may be contributing.

“Scale weight” can be skewed with factors such as hydration, time of day, and when you last went to the bathroom among other things. There is also a key factor that can plateau or increase your scale weight over time – muscle vs fat density. Muscle is a denser tissue than fat – fat weighs about 80% of the same volume of muscle. So, if you lose a volume of fat that is the same volume of muscle you have gained, you will in fact put on weight. Therefore, individuals can train hard and lose fat, yet gain muscle and put on weight on the scales.

The dreaded ‘D’ word also can have a big impact on your scale weight depending on your metabolism and how you are fuelling your body. It goes without saying, but a balanced diet is a key component to pair with any exercise and fitness routine.

The number on the scales does not necessarily reflect hard work or fitness. Yes, it can be an important benchmark or goal setting tool, especially if a particular athlete must make a weight-class for an event, but for the general population as well as most athletes there are more effective forms of assessment.

This is one of the main reasons as to why I do not always place a high value on scale weight in my studio at S.P.I.N. Health & Fitness. I believe that there is more value in girth measurements and skinfold tests to create a wholistic view on where each individual is at in terms of body fat % and overall improvements. I also have several clients who could not care less about any numbers, and that is ok too!

Each person’s health and fitness journey should be a positive experience, and the outcome measures are different for everyone. At the end of the day the best form of progress is feeling like a better, healthier version of yourself.

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Article by Teagan Parker