At S.P.I.N. Health & Fitness, we specialise in:

Sports Therapy, Personal Training,
Injury Management & N

At S.P.I.N., we are all about personalisation!

We understand that everyone is different, and this is why we customise your treatment and/or training to YOU.

We pride ourselves on variety and make sure that everyone’s needs are catered to. So when you visit us, your goals are our priorty!

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    We’ve all heard phrases such as “You should stretch every day!” many times before! But is there actually any benefit to it? Can we get away with just stretching as soon as we feel a certain area tighten up? The answers to these questions can vary between each individual, however there are many benefits to… Continue Reading»

  • Do You Know About Myofascial Cupping?

    Have you ever noticed almost perfectly circular red/purple marks on someone’s skin? Particularly athletes? This is a fair indication that the individual has had Myofascial Cupping. Cupping has been used for many years, in many ways, in many different cultures. The plastic, glass or bamboo cups, suction specific areas of tension as a form of soft tissue therapy – mainly targeting the fascia (layer of tissue between the skin and muscle). This in turn creates a… Continue Reading»